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Advantages of Challenge Coins

Challenge coins have been around since the ancient times. Challenge coins were used to reward military men who performed meritorious services. These coins date back to the first world war. More private companies are adopting custom challenge coins into their company gradually. Private institutions undergo various benefits in using custom challenge coins. As the years pass more companies have adopted to this form of rewarding diligent folks. This article will be beneficial if you are torn on whether to use these challenge coins in your business or not. This the article lists the benefit of using custom challenge coin in your business.

Custom challenge coins aid in the promotion of your institution’s brand. The logo of the institution is branded on the custom challenge coin. Anywhere you go, and whenever people see your custom challenge coin, they will immediately identify your institution. This is a form of brand promotion because even those who did not know about your institution will now know it. Custom challenge coins are forms of business cards. On a business card is usually the institution’s logo and brand name. In the same manner in which business cards help people to identify a company, the challenge coin will aid in the same way. Workers’ morale is also boosted by the custom challenge which is also another advantage. In the past, custom challenge coins were used as a form of reward to the military men who performed meritorious services. This led to an increase in morale for not only the people who received the award but also for the other military members. It always feels good to be recognized for a service that you have performed, or you performed. It is also encouraging to know that your efforts will be recognized in the end. Workers in an institution are rewarded using the same philosophy. They have their morale boosted. In turn, co-workers’ have their morale affected positively. Ultimately, this leads to an increase in production. Thus, it is right to say that custom challenge coins boost diligence.
Another advantage of custom challenge coin is that they can be used to foster a culture which makes not only workers to identify with the business but also customers. Camaraderie among workers can be fostered by custom challenge coins. This solidarity is induced by the institutions newly developed culture and unity. Culture also allows customers to identify with a business. The institution’s way of handling things brings about this effect on its customers. Other awards and trophies are too common and thus are not as appealing as custom challenge coins. Everyone wants to be uniquely distinguished. Trophies are common and thus they may have lost their importance over time. The uniqueness of custom challenge coins is guaranteed by the fact that they are custom made to meet the institution’s specifications.

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